Open Internet Challenge - Felicia Style

Remember I listed my New Year's Resolutions before the end of 2012? One of them was this:

  • Play Cash Games Again (Felicia, this is where your bread is buttered...LDO)

So I decided to take my little stake and see what I could do with it, a la the Open Internet Challenge, WhiskeyTown's Challenge or Poker, A Love Story-Carl's Challenge. Well, whatever you want to call it.

I have been grinding-grinding the past couple of days. I did manage one free SNG and one Frequent Player Freeroll, but for the most part it was back to the cash game grind. I haven't done that in years.

You might recall that I said I started with freerolling. So I used a penny to calculate my bankroll increase. Since I had a 2,500,000% win, I took that money and used it as my starting OIC bankroll and went to the super micro-limits (uMLs).

For recording and accounting purposes, I have played the past two days, maybe four hours of grinding altogether, not counting the FP Freeroll and SNG (just cash games). I am up so far 250 BB's. I also have some FPP's, but I only mention it since it buys access into freerolls, etc. I know it sounds like a lot, but at the uML tables, 250 BB's is a trivial cash amount. I'm certainly not complaining, however. I haven't really hit a heater yet, but I did get lucky on a couple of coinflips and when I was dominated once.

I also found one site that is so good it reminds me of the old days of Party/Pacific/Stars. Not in the sense of traffic (I wish) or aesthetics  but just the softness of the games. Another site is easy, but I absolutely hate the software and have to force myself to play there. I also think there is more cheating going on there than the norm, unchecked. I haven't fallen prey to it, myself. But when I see a total of about 3000-5000 players at a site, and there are the same "team" of players sitting at multiple tables/SNG's, sitting out, waiting for it to fill, I usually avoid them.

Okay, so grand totals so far:

  • 48 hour grind (about four total hours actually played)
  • uML Stakes (.01/.02 NLHE; .01/.02 PLO8; .02/.04 O8; $15 FP Freeroll)
  • Starting Bankroll: ~6000 BB's
  • Current Bankroll: ~6250 BB's

ChickyParm Grinding Gurl Going GOOT ;)

I'm about to start an experiment. I have been given a 0.1 bitcoin stake on one of those weird bitcoin poker sites (Seals With Clubs). That gets me 100 chips. My two options are to play tournaments (I have a 2 tourney bankroll) or play 1/2 NL with a 50 BB bankroll.

I'm going to try the latter, knowing that going busto is likely. I can replenish by winning a ridiculous freeroll or by actual bothering to buy some bitcoins, which I'm not inclined to do.
1) You didn't use me as a referral when you signed up! For shame!
2) As posted before, they have NO incentives to tourney/SNG play.
3) Play cashgames (much, much easier to double up at the 1/2 table than the 50 half hour tourney).
4) Read prior posts regarding Seals (below).
5) Freerolls FTW (I have won way more there than I can count)
Sorry, I didn't know you played on SWC. Honestly, if I bust my tiny bankroll, I probably will just stop, as their software seems pretty 2002-LOLBAD and I don't think I have the patience to try to bink a freeroll to reload.
I can name a whole lot of sites with worse software (ouch). I played on a site the other day whose software was so bad that when I put in a bet (all of six cents, lol .06) it PUT ME ALL-IN! Thankfully everyone folded. I was bluffing.

Another site has the button wrong playing HU.

A third site has several freerolls per day, but half of the time they simply don't appear in the lobby and one can't register.

Oh, and one of the above sites has Stud games, but most of the time they "disappear" when you click on the Stud tab.

I was suggesting the WTA freerolls for playing at the same time you are grinding up the 1/2 uML stake of 100 chips. Not as a method to reload a busto-bankroll. The games move slow enough to do both, imo.