What is Your Favorite Poker Hand?

I remember when people used to talk about this subject and I never had anything to say about it. First of all, I never really liked Hold'em that much. And that was invariably what they were talking about. Not Stud, not Omaha.

Well, let's fast forward a decade. I am not nearly as burnt out on HE as I was during the boom. Plus the five year hiatus from poker certainly helped!

While I don't have a favorite Hold'em starting hand, per se, I will admit to liking pocket nines. There are many reasons to like those nines:

  • It's tough for other players to put you on this hand
  • Pocket nines can be played for set value in certain circumstances
  • Pocket nines can be played as a made hand in many instances
  • You usually know where you are with pocket nines on a raggedy flop
  • If you make a straight with pocket nines, you usually know if you are good or not
  • In a hot & cold hand I will take nines over AKo
pokenum -h 9c 9s - ac kd
Holdem Hi: 1712304 enumerated boards
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
9s 9c 943057 55.08 762551 44.53 6696 0.39 0.553
Ac Kd 762551 44.53 943057 55.08 6696 0.39 0.447

In other news, I have finally hit a very cold streak. I'm not even playing that well today, probably because of it. Here are the past two days results of the ChickyParm OIC Grind:

Monday 1/14/12 +12 bb's
Tuesday 1/15/12 -14 bb's