Swing, Swong, Swung

11/16/12  -171 BB's

Some amazing hands. Some awful play by me, too. I didn't play well across two different sites. For instance, I stayed in a game way too long after it had gone bad just based on one or two fishy players. I should have gotten out. Some fab beats:

KK vs. J7o (86%) After flop and turn of 274T (87.5%)

TT vs. J2s (69.5%)

AQs vs. 54s (60.5%) After flop of QJ4 (60%)

AA vs. K9s (82%) After flop of K62T (81.8%)

I always say if there is a card left in the deck to kill your made hand on the river, it can and will come out. Yesterday was that day for me. I wish I could say I played my total A game through it all, but my play deteriorated during the swing, swong, swung.