Summer Update

I know, I haven't posted anything in a long, long time. I haven't been that ill (thank God), I just got burned out on my OIC poker. No, I didn't lose. How could I, since I was only freerolling in the first place? But even with the free money I still didn't lose. I did quite well :)

I only play poker a bit here and there. I seem to do well online, always have. I am not very good at poker, really. I am way too cautious to ever be a real contender. It does crack me up, though, when people ask me if I'm losing money playing poker. No matter how many times I tell them I'm not playing "my" money, it's all a freeroll, they must assume I'm either lying, or they just don't get the concept. One cannot lose money one does not spend!

I'm happy to see some of my friends winning big events and/or cashing quite a bit. Congrats, guys.

One thing that people are surprised to find out about me is how conservative I am. Not necessarily in politics, I just mean in general. That is probably the biggest reaction I get when I talk to others. I absolutely cannot stand racism. I abhor racism. Some of my earliest recollections are listening to redneck racists spout all about anyone who is ISN'T a redneck racist like them.

So it is always a big surprise to me when others ask me to support racism. If I won't back up my own family's racism why would I back up perfect strangers??? Good luck with that one (not)!

The other day I think I shocked Glenn by telling him we were living below the poverty level. I guess he didn't realize it, even though we have been for years. I am so cheap, and being a shut-in, well, there isn't much I need money for. My biggest expenses are for food. Pancreatitis means either not eating at all, or eating things that are very low in fat, yet healthy. Which costs money. Everything else pretty much goes towards our post-65 retirement. We have been very fortunate, but I don't think anyone could possibly have too much of a nest egg these days.
Hey you and Domit disappeared! I read your blog and under stand but I was learning a lot. Plus I thought you guys were pretty cool. I've been trying what you said on Satoshi so far I'm up to 53s.
Hi, Bob! That is a long story. Please go to my other site and comment there so I can e-mail you.

I'm so glad that you are winning.